• Series of screw-cutting multipurpose lathes includes models Samat 400 XV, SV, MV, LV, analog of 16A16, with maximum turning diameter above bed of 400 mm and center to center distance of 500, 750, 1000, and 1500 mm. Accuracy class I (increased) according to GOST A-82.


    • simple and reliable design providing long service life, ease of use and maintenance;
    • ability to perform a variety of turning operations, as well as cutting all kinds of threads;
    • main drives based on frequency converters ensuring stepless control of spindle speed;
    • wide range of longitudinal and transverse feeds;
    • support rapid movement at idle;
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  • Specifications Model SAMАТ 400
    Machine accuracy class according to GOST 8-82 П
    Maximum diameter of workpiece installed above base frame, mm 400
    Maximum diameter of workpiece installed above stand, mm 220
    Maximum diameter of workpiece installed in stand gap (ГАП), mm 550
    Maximum length of installed workpiece, mm: 500 750 1000 1500
    Diameter of hole in spindle, mm 45
    Height of tool in tool holder, mm 25
    Conical hole in spindle Morse 6
    Conical hole of tailstock quill Morse 5
    Number of spindle speeds Stepless
    Range of spindle speed, rpm 12-2200
    Feed per revolution limits, mm/rev:
    - longitudinal 0,05-2,80
    - transverse 0,025-1,400
    Limits of cut thread steps:
    - metric, pitch in mm 0,25-56
    - inch, number of threads per inch 112-0,5
    - modular, step in modules 0,25-56
    - pitch, step in pitches 112-0,5
    Accuracy of geometric shape of sample surface, mm
    - constancy of diameter in cross section over length of 200 0,007
    - constancy of diameter in longitudinal section 0,012
    Surface roughness after finishing Ra 2,5
    Straightness of end surface, mm 0.01
    Main motion motor power, KW 5,5/7,5
    Machine overall dimensions, max, mm:
    length 2020 2270 2580 3000
    width 1110 1110 1110 1050
    height 1505 1505 1505 1450
    Machine weight, kg 2040 2085 2130 2550

    • Longitudinal travel fixed stop;
    • Set of change gears;
    • Set of tools for machine maintenance;
    • Commissioning works;
    • Packaging - wooden pallet, polyethylene.


    • Tool holder Multifix, with replaceable cartridges (4 pcs.)
    • Mobile and fixed rest;
    • Rear tool holder;
    • Stop drum;
    • Digital display device;
    • Drill chuck;
    • Self-centering lathe chuck with 3 jaws, D 160 - 250 mm;
    • Lathe chuck with 4 jaws D 250mm;
    • Running centers Morse 5;
    • Dead centers Morse 5 and 6;
    • Extra set of change gears;
    • Rigid jacks (set);
    • Packaging: wooden box
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