• CNC universal machine "Vector" innovative design SVSZ

    • 1

      It is easy to train operator

      by embedded micro-cycles, 5-th position in 3 working shifts

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      It is easy to increase productivity

      due to the "self"

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      Easy - treatment for Class 2 accuracy


    Series of multipurpose lathes with miniprogram (operational) control includes models Samat 400 ХС, SC, MC with a maximum turning diameter over bed of 400 mm and center to center distance of 500, 750 and 1000 mm. The machines are equipped with original control system on the basis of program controller and motion drives along X and Z axes by Japanese company OMRON.

    They are available in two versions: accuracy class П (increased) and accuracy class B (high) according to GOST 8-82. During the machine delivery, commissioning and operator training are performed.

    The machines are designed for a variety of turning operations for sole, small batch and mass production. Retaining all the advantages of a multipurpose machine, the machine allows automatic operation: the program can be saved during processing of the first details by the operator, or it can be entered using a wide range of micro cycles. When equipped with 4- or 8-position heads, the machine can be used for large scale and mass production.


    • high performance - ability to process automatically;
    • easy operation - fast training of operators;
    • intuitive interface;
    • wide range of micro cycles - longitudinal turning, boring holes, all kinds of cutting, cone, sphere, etc.;
    • different tool equipping;
    • optimization of cutting conditions with a stepless spindle speed;
    • easy operation similar to conventional multipurpose lathe;
    • does not require special programming skills;
    • learning mode reduces time for program preparation
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  • Technical characteristics Model SAMAT 400
    ХС SC МС
    Machine accuracy class according to GOST 8-82 П / В
    Maximum diameter of workpiece installed above base frame, mm 400
    Maximum diameter of workpiece installed above stand, mm 220
    Maximum length of installed workpiece, mm: 500 750 1000
    Diameter of hole in spindle, mm 45
    Height of tool in tool holder, mm 25
    Conical hole in spindle Morse 6
    Conical hole of tailstock quill Morse 5
    Number of spindle speeds Stepless
    Range of spindle speed, rpm 25-2500
    Maximum spindle torque, Nm 135
    Feed per revolution limits, mm/rev:
    - longitudinal 0,01-9,99
    - transverse 0,005-4,99
    Speed of rapid moves in automatic/manual mode, mm/min:
    - longitudinal 7000/6000
    - transverse 3500/3000
    Increment in manual mode, mm
    - longitudinal 0,01
    - transverse 0,005
    Limits of cut thread steps:
    - metric, mm ОД-56
    - inch, number of threads per inch 23-1
    Main motion motor power, KW 5,5
    Machine overall dimensions, max, mm:
    length 1975 2225 2475
    width 1190 1190 1190
    height 1470 1470 1470
    Machine weight, kg 2415 2550 2700
    • - operative control system based on the programmable controller;
    • - tool holder Multifix, with replaceable cartridges (4 pcs.);
    • - automatic 4-position tool head;
    • - self-centering scroll chucks with 3 and 4 cams;
    • - rack to cartridge;
    • - collet sleeve;
    • - reducing bushing;
    • - collets (outer diameter clip);
    • - collets (inner diameter clip);
    • - drill chuck;
    • - reducing bushings for holding tools with taper shank Morse GOST 18598 -35;
    • - dead center Morse 5, 6;
    • - running center Morse 5;
    • - fixed rest;
    • - rubber anti-vibration supports;
    • - set of tools and spare parts for machine maintenance;
    • - packaging;
    • - commissioning and operator training.
    Parameter Tolerance, ?m, for accuracy classes
    П В
    Out-of-roundness, max 7 2.5
    End straightness, max 10 6
    Spindle radial runout, max 7 5