• CNC lathe mod. 16Б16Т1 is used in small, medium-scale and mass production for turning parts in semi-automatic cycle, as well as in automatic cycle when equipped with automatic means for loading and unloading of workpieces.


    • different turning operations, including processing of parts with a curved, stepped profile, cutting of different threads in semi-automatic cycle;
    • 8-position tool head (possibility to install sufficient number of tools for complete machining of part or for group tool adjustment);
    • precision servo feeds;
    • CNC device programmed from operator’s workplace, as well as from external media;
    • pneumatic mechanical clamping of parts in spindle chuck;
    • electromechanical adjustable clamping of part by tailstock center;
    • enclosure of machine working area;
    • possibility of multi-machine service
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  • Specifications 16Б16Т1 16Б16ТШ
    Machine accuracy class according to GOST 8-82 П
    Maximum diameter of workpiece installed above base frame, mm 400
    Maximum diameter of workpiece installed above stand, mm 135
    Type of CNC unit NC-201M (SIEMENS 808)
    Maximum length of installed workpiece, mm: 750 1000
    Diameter of hole in spindle, mm 4S
    Height of tool in tool holder, mm (20} 2S
    Conical hole in spindle Morse 6
    Conical hole of tailstock quill Morse 5
    Range of spindle speed, rpm 25-2800 (3200)
    Maximum spindle torque, Nm 210
    Feed per revolution limits, mm/rev:
    - longitudinal 0,01-20.47 0,01-20.47
    - transverse 0,005-10.230 0,005-10.230
    Speed of rapid moves, mm/min:
    - longitudinal 10000
    - transverse 5000
    Limits of cut thread cutting, mm 0,05-40,00
    Increment, mm
    - longitudinal 0,001
    - transverse 0,001
    Main motion motor power, KW 7,5
    Machine overall dimensions, max, mm:
    length 2650 2900
    width 1370 1370
    height 1740 1740
    Machine weight, kg 2620 2770

    * Machine version with center to center distance of 500 mm is possible.


    • CNC unit (NC-201M);
    • 8-position tool head;
    • set of tools and spare parts for machine maintenance;
    • packaging - wooden pallet, polyethylene.


    • 8-position tool head PRAGATi ВТР - 50;
    • pneumatic drive with 3 jaw wedge-type chuck with 200 mm diameter;
    • 3 jaw chuck with built-in pneumatic cylinder SMW AUTOBLOCK;
    • self-centering lathe chuck with 3 jaws, D 200 mm;
    • running centers Morse 5 (extended);
    • fixed rest;
    • version of CNC drives and devices by SIEMENS;
    • rod feed device (rod diameter of 40 mm);
    • rubber anti-vibration supports;
    • commissioning and operator training.
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