• Used in small batch and individual production for backing-off of worm-modular milling cutters (single thread and multiple thread, left and right), disc cutters and other tools with teeth, backed off radially, at an angle or along the axis with cutter or grinding wheel.


    • ability to manufacture worm milling cutters of class A;
    • combining of lathe machining of elements of cutter teeth and finishing grinding of machines milling cutters;
    • processing of shaped elements in cam mechanism of different purposes
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  • Specifications Model 1Е811 1Е812
    Maximum diameter of workpiece installed above base frame, mm 250 360
    Maximum distance between centers, mm 630
    Maximum length of carriage travel, mm 600
    Maximum tool height, mm 35 43
    Dead center in spindle of headstock according to GOST 13214-79 Morse 6
    Nominal size of spindle front end according to GOST 12595-72
    Maximum backing-off travel, mm 20 25
    Range of spindle speed, rpm 2-115/2-146 1-56/2-115
    Number of backing-off travel values Stepless
    Teeth processing number limits 1 ... 40
    Maximum spindle torque, Nm 2,1/1,68 3,1/2,5
    Number of longitudinal feeds 3
    Feed limits, mm/rev 0,075-1,2
    Limits of cut thread steps:
    - metric, mm 0,5-250 0,5-360
    - modular, mm 0,5-250 0,5-360
    - inch, number of threads per inch 28-2 28-2
    Limits of spiral grooves steps during backing-off, mm 100 ... 48000
    Diameter of hole in spindle, mm 42
    Maximum transverse support movement, mm 50
    Support rotation angle, deg. ±180
    Machine overall dimensions, max, mm:
    length 2900 2900
    width 1750 1850
    height 1900 1900
    Machine weight (without electrical equipment), kg 3915 4285
    Grinding head    
    Maximum diameter of grinded workpiece, mm 180 250
    Maximum diameter of grinding wheel, mm 125 150
    Number of grinding spindle speeds, 3
    Range of grinding spindle speed, rpm 5600... 11200 5000... 10000
    Maximum angle of grinded lifting thread, deg. 25
    Wheel dressing device
    Maximum length of dressing line, mm 40
    Dividing faceplate
    Number of processed thread entries 2,3,4,5,6,10,12

    • set of change gears;
    • set of tools and spare parts for machine maintenance;
    • accessory set [rod for fixing mandrels, dead center, driving faceplate, semicenter, mandrels - 27 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm, safety device);
    • packing - wooden pallet, polyethylene.


    • grinding head;
    • wheel dressing device
    • long faceplate;
    • rubber anti-vibration supports;